Commerce is an integral part of the world we live in.

We help students to understand and make informed decisions on business performance, the economy, and technological applications. We offer a range of subjects to achieve this end.

Accounting, Business Studies, and Economics provide the building blocks of commerce. Accounting involves students processing financial transactions and preparing financial documents to help users make informed business decisions. In Business Studies students develop and create goods and services to satisfy customers. They study the managerial tasks involved in running a business like recruitment and communication. Economics considers a range of influences that can affect consumer, producer, and government choices and explores their economic ramifications.

Digital Technology subjects are taught within the Commerce Department at Rangitoto College. The skills and knowledge acquired are critical in the business world. In MMT students use various multimedia applications to produce solutions for client-based projects. Programming involves learning different coding languages to create computer programs and applications.

  • Business and Economics (BEC) and Digital Technology (DGT) in the junior school
  • Accounting (ACC)
  • Scholarship Accounting 
  • Business Studies (BST)                      
  • Economics (ECO)
  • Scholarship Economics (ECS)
  • Digital Technology (DTT)
  • Multimedia Technology (MMT)
  • Programming and Computer Science (PRG) 
  • Scholarship Technology (Digital Technologies) in MMT and PRG 
  • Generic Computing Applications
Commerce at Rangitoto College has provided me with a world of opportunities and set me up so well for the future. With vibrant and engaging classroom environments, Commerce challenges creativity and critical thinking. It is incredibly relevant to our forever changing world and teaches a way of thinking that is versatile and valuable.
- Chantal Rapley, Year 13 student

Vanessa Rossiter

Bachelor Social Science Graduate Certificate Gifted Education

I have taught Economics at Rangitoto College for a number of years and have been Head of Commerce since 2016. I have enjoyed the challenge of adapting and changing our courses as the business and technological worlds have evolved. I work collaboratively with teachers in the Commerce Department to provide a learning environment that is relevant, inclusive and challenges students to thrive and succeed.