Special Olympics Assistant

An opportunity for senior students to get involved supporting our Special Olympians to find success outside the classroom.

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Teacher(s) involved: 

Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Simms




Meeting times or event scheduled dates: 

There are usually two events each term and only one in term four, calendar dates are advised closer to each event via the Daily Notices. 


Event locations vary across the North Shore. Students are required to organise their own transport to and from events. 

The Special Olympics is a chance for senior students to assist in setting up and facilitating a range of ribbon day sports events as well as supporting our own Rangitoto College Olympians.

Special Olympics is an ongoing event throughout the year whereby special Olympians from Rangitoto College participate in a range of ribbon day sports. The events are held across the year at various locations on the North Shore.

This is a global event but is different to the Paralympics. Special Olympics is an opportunity for students with medical or learning difficulties to participate in sports that would be otherwise outside their capability in a mainstream setting.

Senior students help in a number of event areas such as setting up, staging activities and supporting Olympians on the day. These sporting events include athletics, football, basketball, tenpin bowling and swimming. Through this event students also build awareness around the needs of others. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to support our Special Olympians as they represent Rangitoto College, to engage in sport and make new friends along the way. 

Participating in this counts towards the service element of the Rangitoto Summit Diploma.

Rangitoto Summit Diploma

Students attend at least one event for this to be added.

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