Rainbow Rangitoto

A safe space for students to share their experiences and diversity.

Contact Details

Teacher(s) Involved:

Miss. McKeage and
Mr. Stevens




Meeting times or event scheduled dates: Thursday lunchtimes


Location: Reading Rooms, Library

As a school, we are and must continue to be inclusive of everyone in the LGBTQIA+ family.

With events such as Pride Month, Rainbow Rangitoto focuses on recognising the progress that we have made in terms of inclusivity and diversity, while also remembering that cultural shifts do not happen overnight. As the group continues to work as advocates for change, we can see the kindness and acceptance of our students as they support each other and their wider community. The Rainbow Rangitoto group provides a space where aroha and support is given to both members of the LGBTQIA+ family and allies who use this space to be their true and authentic selves. 

Rangitoto Summit Diploma

There is no attendance criteria for this club towards Rangitoto Summit Diploma.  If individual students wish to put their participation onto their student profile they are free to do so.

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564 East Coast Road
Mairangi Bay
Auckland 0630
New Zealand