Our diabolo club encourages students to learn this art form so they can appreciate and connect to Chinese culture.

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Miss. Ellie Yamaguchi



Meeting times or event scheduled dates:  Weekly practices after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (provided the weather is good)


Location: Sound Garden

Everyone is encouraged to learn diabolo, a performance sport which involves tossing an object resembling a giant yo-yo.

Playing with the diabolo involves all parts of the body and improves hand-eye coordination, making it a beneficial exercise for people of all ages. Nowadays, the Chinese yo-yo is known for not only being a form of exercise and a fun toy but also as a traditional and distinctive performing art.

The Diabolo Club at Rangitoto College encourages students to learn the art form so they can appreciate and connect to Chinese culture.   Popular tricks students like to learn include the Double Diabolo, the Ice Cream, and the renowned Vertax Genocide.

The Diabolo Club gives students the opportunity to build their leadership and teamwork skills.  One of the highlights for the members is performing at the annual Chinese Night and creating an incredible spectacle for our wider community to enjoy.

Rangitoto Summit Diploma

Attend at least 15 practices and pay club fees by end of each term to have this added to your student profile.  Students can join at anytime of the year.

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