A chance to engage with Chinese culture through the sport of diabolo

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A chance to engage with Chinese culture through the sport of Diabolo.

The diabolo is a popular Western art form that originated from the Chinese yo-yo, an integral aspect of Chinese culture that has existed for more than 350 years — since the Ming Dynasty. According to the Harvard Chinese Yoyo Club, the second oldest toy in the world is, in fact, the Chinese yo-yo.

Its Chinese name is kongzhu, meaning “hollow bamboo,” because the Chinese yo-yo was originally made from bamboo and has a hollow centre. Modern-day Chinese yo-yos and diabolos consist of two discs connected to form an hourglass shape and are spun or tossed using a string attached to two rods. They come in a variety of sizes and make a special buzzing sound as they are spun, which is said to symbolize the “awakening of spring.”

Playing with the diabolo involves all parts of the body and improves hand-eye coordination, making it a beneficial exercise for people of all ages. Nowadays, the Chinese yo-yo is known for not only being a form of exercise and a fun toy but also as a traditional and distinctive performing art.

Our diabolo club members encourage students to learn the art form so they can appreciate and connect to Chinese culture. It also provides an opportunity for those of all skill levels to learn and improve their diabolo skills.

New members can learn diabolo through those who are more experienced. We welcome members of all levels from beginner to advanced, and we basically start from the ground up.  We train individuals, and we have equipment that we’re willing to lend out at our club meetings during lunch.

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