Environmental Club

An opportunity for students to work behind the scenes to protect our environment.

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Mrs McLeay 



Meeting times or event scheduled dates: Check in with the daily notices for meeting times. 

Location: C5 

The Environmental Club is a group of dedicated students who are helping to ensure that hundreds of kilograms of waste is not being sent to the landfill.

These students help to recycle paper from offices and transport recycle bins for collections throughout the year, separating the rubbish from the recyclables. Although this is only a tiny fraction of the waste that we, Aucklanders, send to landfill each week, the Environmental Club believes that small steps can make the difference.

As a community, the Environmental Club is committed to making a change in the impact that Rangitoto College has on the environment, one rubbish bin at a time.

Rangitoto Summit Diploma

Year 9 and Year 10 students need to carry out one duty per week for at least two terms to have this activity added onto their student profile.  Students sign up for a duty for an area or block via Google form.

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