Rubik's Cube Club

Are you interested in learning how to solve a Rubik’s cube or want to practice cubing?

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Teacher(s) Involved: 

Mr Kun-Yeop Lee



Meeting times or event scheduled dates: Tuesday lunchtimes


Location: M11

Rubik's Cube Club is a fun and engaging place to explore different problem solving techniques and an opportunity to learn to speedcube.

Have some fun learning how to solve the Rubik’s cube.  We will explore different Rubik’s cube type puzzles, for example, cubes, pyramids and Rubik puzzles of different shapes.

Speedcubing is a popular sport in New Zealand and across the globe.   High speed cube-solving is a matter of committing the algorithms of solves to memory and lots of practise, until muscle memory takes over.

Thousands of New Zealanders regularly take part in competitions, including the world championships.

Bring along:

  • a cube if you can.  You can use an original Rubik’s brand cube, or buy a different brand of cube.
  • some paper to jot down notes, and
  • enthusiasm to share ideas and techniques!

Rangitoto Summit Diploma.

You need to attend 10 sessions to have this added to your student profile.

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