Readers' Cup Competition

A reading competition designed for Year 9 students

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Teacher(s) Involved:

Mrs. Fiona O’Connell

Mrs. Haidee Robert

Mrs. Liz Ott



Meeting times or event scheduled dates: Competition to choose team at school in Term 1. Regional competition end of Term 2 at another venue. If the team wins the interschool final, they will go to the National finals held at Dilworth College at the end of Term 3.

Location: Once a week in the Library

A team of 4 students and 1 reserve read a set of six books and then compete with other schools in their region to answer quiz questions about the books.

The winners of the regional finals will go to the National finals with other winning schools throughout New Zealand.

Rangitoto Summit Diploma

Readers’ Cup is added to the students profile once the team has been picked. They are committed to reading the 6 books and competing in the regional competition.

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