Raising awareness on wellbeing through an exciting safe-space-community for students.

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Miss. Lizzy Mudford



Meeting times: See daily notices.  At least 2 events a term.


Location: Meetings are held in S5.


Event scheduled dates: See daily notices.

M2W is for students who are looking for a place to make new friends or simply want somewhere to go and feel seen and welcomed.

M2W includes a community of people who share similar goals, values, and ideas. In high school, it is incredibly more difficult than in previous years to maintain your mental well-being. So to take the stress out of things, we want to make things fun by allowing students at Rangitoto College to join in on hands-on mental health activities, talks, and interactive events during lunchtime sessions.


Some future activities that you might anticipate participating in: Awareness campaigns by contributing to a meaningful cause (Potential collab with NZ Mental Health Foundation), goal setting- PURPOSE and UNLOCKING potential within individuals, free journal prompts, mindfulness colouring with music, a letter to yourself, positivity jars, creative therapy activities, study sessions in a fun environment (during term 3-4 mock/exam), and so much more! If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved with then keep an eye out on the notices for our upcoming events. Overall our main goal is to create a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels heard and valued.

Rangitoto Summit Diploma

3 event attendance. This will appear on student’s profile and count toward their Rangitoto Summit diploma.

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