Drama at Rangitoto College builds so much more than character.

Drama aims to create socially aware, adaptable, and forward-thinking young people with the skills to thrive and engage. The David Hodge Performing Arts Building and the school theatrette offer flexible and professional theatre spaces for rehearsals and performances. Students in the Drama Company, Theatresports, and Musical Productions will gain an understanding of backstage, costuming, and stage lighting alongside their drama skills, and will have a variety of opportunities to perform.

“Drama is energising and always interesting. How many classes do you go to where you don’t sit down at a desk, but instead you stand up and create a scene from scratch? Drama increases confidence and gives you the ability to stand up in front of a crowd with pride and mana.”
- Year 13 Actor, 2021
Drama Company
There are usually between 40 and 60 students in the company, functioning sometimes
Rangitoto College has been involved in the Theatresports Youth Programme New Zealand since its
Musical Theatre
Our (now) bi-annual full-scale musical production requires total immersion and commitment from everyone