Where Senior Students Drive Excellence in Competitive Electric Innovation.

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Mr Ben Pollard


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Thursday lunchtimes and other events throughout the year.



Events scheduled: Regional Race Day (RNZAF Base Auckland) Sunday 15 October 2023

EVolocity offers an electrifying platform for students spanning from Year 11 to 13, where they have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and engineering prowess.

The challenge? Design and construct a vehicle, be it a bike or a trike, harnessed with a standard 350W electric motor, controller, and a pair of 12V gel cells. The goal? Push the boundaries of innovation, striving to create the fastest, most aerodynamic machines capable of mastering a challenging street circuit. EVolocity fuels the passion for engineering and sustainable transport among students, inspiring them to engineer the future of electric mobility.

In the Innovation categories of EVolocity, students are encouraged to go beyond speed and delve into cutting-edge technology. Teams are challenged to incorporate object detection and mitigation features, enhancing safety and practicality. Additionally, students are empowered to measure and display key performance metrics, giving them invaluable insights into their creations. EVolocity is not just a race; it’s a platform that fosters interdisciplinary skills, teamwork, and a forward-thinking approach, as students strive to craft electric vehicles that not only compete but also shape the future of sustainable transportation.

Rangitoto Summit Diploma

Attendance at regular meetings for 1 term for this activity to go onto your student profile.  Note, attendance is by invitation only.

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