Scale Model Club

Share your skills, advice and work on your scale model project. Total beginners are more than welcome.

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Teacher(s) Involved:

Ms. Carolyn Higham



Meeting times or event scheduled dates:Wednesday afternoons (3:30pm – 5:00pm)


Location: A24

We are a group of scale modelling enthusiasts who like to meet, share, make and discuss scale modelling.

The Scale Model Club is open to any student who wishes to create kit-set models.

It provides an opportunity for students who like to model to meet other students who share the same hobby; to communicate while making models, and to help each other to improve their skills.

Model making includes cutting, painting, detailing, applying decals of different materials, making a base, or customising.

All skill levels are accommodated and anyone is welcome to attend.

Photographs of the Scale Model Club taken by Mark Zhou (Year 11).

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564 East Coast Road
Mairangi Bay
Auckland 0630
New Zealand