Chinese Traditional Dance Club

A wonderful opportunity for all students to be creative and energetic whilst learning traditional Chinese dances and their place in Chinese legends and culture.

Contact Details

Teacher(s) Involved:

Miss. Ella Yamaguchi



Meeting time or event scheduled dates: Every Wednesday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm


Location: Sound Garden (or A7 when it’s wet weather)

Come along and learn traditional Chinese dances such as Fan dance, Sleeve dance, Umbrella dance, Minority dance and traditional Chinese dances.

Wear dazzling colourful costumes and appreciate the energy and life behind the dances and the wonderful Chinese musical melodies. Talented students are encouraged to participate and showcase the dances in our annual Chinese Evening and also to compete in the annual ASB Polyfest competition on the Diversity Stage. You will have the opportunity to learn short pieces of the following dances:

    • Fan dance – 扇子舞
    • Sleeve dance – 水袖舞
    • Umbrella dance – 伞舞
    • Traditional Chinese dance (without props) – 古典舞
    • Minority Dance – 民族舞

We will aim to finish a piece of dance every half term.

Rangitoto Summit Diploma

Students need to attend all the practice sessions to have this added to their student profile.

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