Creative Writing Club

A place for students to think creatively and express themselves.

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Teacher(s) Involved:

Mrs. Walters and Mr. Vlaardingerbroek




Meeting times or event scheduled dates: Tuesdays


Location: E18

The Creative Writing Club is a space where students can engage with a range of writing prompts to develop their writing skills.

With a positive atmosphere and a range of activities each week, students write in a variety of styles and for a range of audiences to improve their writing skills. The Creative Writing Club gives students a chance to work collaboratively on their writing projects and see just how creative they can be. The work done in this club demonstrates the creative talents of our students and we hope to see them continue to expand on the amazing ideas that they have as they continue through their writing journeys.

This is a really informal and welcoming group, with opportunity for feedback and collaboration/workshopping, as well as writing prompts if you would like. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Rangitoto Summit Diploma

Attend 15 sessions throughout the year, and completion of a creative piece of writing to be shown to the TiC, to have this added to your student profile.

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