Knightsbridge Oral HIstory Project

An opportunity for students to help residents at Knightsbridge retirement village record their personal history for themselves and their families.

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Location: B6

Meeting times or event scheduled dates: The next round of interviews will be held at the start of Term 3, 2024.

Oral histories are the passing on of knowledge, memory and experience.

The Knightsbridge Oral History Project aims to provide residents with a transcribed oral history of their past. This is a fantastic opportunity for residents’ families and our students to hear these stories and learn from the knowledge, memory and experience being passed down which has already proven a huge success.

The project has 2 aims

  1. To create a taonga of memories for residents to pass onto their children and grandchildren.
  2. For our history students to use Knightsbridge residents’ knowledge and experiences in their research internals. These oral histories will be stored on the Rangitoto College Library database to be accessed by students during research internals. 

This project also offers students the unique opportunity to be involved in an oral history interview and learn the necessary skills involved. This is something that history students don’t normally do until studying at graduate level at university. 

Rangitoto Summit Diploma

Students will need to participate in at least one oral history interview in order for this to go towards their Rangitoto Summit Diploma. This includes conducting the interview, transcribing the interview and completing all necessary paperwork.

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