Ancient Greek Club

An opportunity to learn the basics of the ancient Greek language, alongside elements of ancient Greek culture, mythology and society.

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Teacher(s) involved:

Miss. Armstrong and Mr. Davies



Meeting times or event scheduled dates: Every Monday lunchtime

Location: E2

Are you passionate about the value of learning about the ancient Greek language through exploring real Greek texts, epic poetry and Greek tragedy? As Edith Hall has said, "studying the Greeks is a lesson in how to be a citizen."

Ancient Greek Club runs once a week at lunchtime and offers students the opportunity to learn the basics of the ancient Greek language (including the alphabet, common words and pronunciation).  We practise writing and speaking ancient Greek phrases, as well as translating short extracts from ancient Greek into English.

Our translations draw upon real Greek texts, including epic poetry and Greek tragedy, and students learn about the culture that created these texts, and their values, beliefs and turns of phrase.  Each translation includes a full vocabulary list, but students begin to recognise common words and phrases across the course of the year.  New members are always welcome!

Rangitoto Summit Diploma

You need to attend a minimum of 10 sessions to have this added to your student profile.

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