Chess Club

Chess club enables students of all year groups to learn and play chess. Students have the opportunity to participate in various tournaments, whether that be in friendly school competitions or the national chess final.

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Teacher(s) Involved:

Mrs Celik and Mr McDonald




Meeting times or event scheduled dates: Thursdays and Fridays (see roster)

M7 (Maths Building)

A chance to develop your chess skills in a casual or competitive environment.

Chess is a fun and complex game made to inspire the minds of all ages.  The game is heavily dependent on important skills such as pattern recognition, mental calculation and strategic planning that can all correspond to real life.

Our club welcomes anyone to come and play a game of chess.  We have players of varying levels, where our experienced players are able to teach beginners the way of the game.  Occasional tournaments with some prizes are hosted to motivate the students to take more interest in the game.  The opportunity to participate in inter-school and national competitions is available for all students.  We will also a selection tournament where our top 4 players are chosen to represent our top team.  Our school has performed very highly in past competitions, defeating Westlake for the past few years.

As a game overall, chess is beneficial to the growth and maturity of our students, and we wish to introduce the game to more people who could find more fun and learn more in their lives.

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564 East Coast Road
Mairangi Bay
Auckland 0630
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