Chip Packet Project NZ (CPPNZ)

CPPNZ works to remove foil waste from our environment to make survival blankets to ensure every Kiwi can have a warm night's sleep.

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Teacher(s) involved:
Mrs Corrie Morrissey


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Follow ChipPacketProjectNZ on instagram for fusion and blanket party events.

S21 as required.

CPPNZ is focussed on providing blankets and bedding to New Zealanders in need; from those in disaster affected areas to people living in poverty.

Foil takes over 80 years to break down in landfill so by repurposing it, we are helping both the environment and people in need. The school collects foil packaging from students and staff and then we clean and process the packaging to be sent off for fusion blanket events across NZ.

Rangitoto Summit Diploma

You will be part of a collection roster for the year to qualify having the activity added onto your student profile.

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564 East Coast Road
Mairangi Bay
Auckland 0630
New Zealand