Principal's Welcome

Rangitoto College will empower each student, through unrivalled opportunities, exceptional support and challenging academic experiences, to make a positive difference in the world.

Rangitoto College seeks to educate our young people to grow into fine adults who will contribute to our society in a positive way. Each student brings a unique set of skills and knowledge with them and we value this diversity as we aim to develop every student as an individual. Listen to our Principal Patrick Gale share our kura's unique approach to global educational success.

We are able to provide unrivalled opportunity, with multiple academic pathways and co-curricular activities for all our students. Each individual is supported to be his or her very best through the provision of a challenging and engaging knowledge rich curriculum, enabling each student to transition into the finest universities and jobs worldwide.

Gaining exceptional academic outcomes is central to our purpose; with highly skilled and enthusiastic teachers providing exciting lessons that develop our students through critical thinking, problem solving and real world learning. Communication and collaborative skills are integrated into our learning programmes, preparing our students to be adaptable to the challenges of life ahead. Innovative use of technology supports and extends our students. This creates an environment that promotes creativity in a broad range of traditional and technological forms.

The pastoral care of our students is paramount. At Rangitoto College, a network of Deans, Tutor Teachers and Counsellors supports each student. Strong links to families allow us to develop a deep understanding of each individual’s needs. Well planned programmes ensure our students develop respect, integrity and courage. We aim for all our students to be happy, confident and empathetic, with a clear pathway to their futures.

Our students are able to participate in an outstanding range of co-curricular activities. We benefit from truly world class resources and facilities that offer a multitude of activities. Sport is a key part of Rangitoto life, with a huge range of sports on offer. We cater for elite and social athletes in both team and individual sports and are proud of the part we have played in developing New Zealand international representatives in a wide range of disciplines.  We believe that sport offers our students health and well being benefits along with developing the values of self-discipline, teamwork and responsibility. At Rangitoto College we aim to win humbly and lose graciously.

A world class performing arts programme allows our students to thrive in music, dance and drama. Outstanding cultural performances celebrate the diversity of our community, extending opportunities for all to be involved. The range and quality of our arts performances are the envy of schools across New Zealand, with the provision of superb facilities and specialist teaching staff enhancing the experience for our students. 

The global focus of Rangitoto College is enhanced through a broad variety of overseas trips and exchange programmes that encourage our students to build big dreams and become global citizens of the future.

We are proud of the Rangitoto College community and we look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Patrick Gale