Student Leadership Structure 2024

This year we have an exceptional Student Leadership Team who were elected to their positions by their peers and staff at the end of 2023.

Head Students

Leading the team in 2024 are our Head Students, Cuba Rihari, Hamish Fleming, Kyel Anderson and Ngaawaimarino (Ngaawai) Simpkins. We look forward to your leadership and service.

2024 Head Students - photograph to follow in Term 1, 2024

Deputy Head Students

Our Deputy Head Students are Jedi Jumig, Paige Little, Rui-Yi Ong and Will Schmidt.

Student Leadership Teams

The remaining Student Leaders are in charge of student leadership teams in the school and we know that they will be doing all they can to enrich the lives of everyone on the campus this year as well as being superb role models and ambassadors of our school.

Academic Team Leaders

Benjamin Lee, Jake Ellis, Joules Jordan and Phoebe Lin.


Arts Team Leaders

Harrison Maxwell, Jedi Jumig, Joel Bird and Melody Ullrich


Chinese Team Leaders

Eileena Bao and Rebecca Wang


Community and Environment Team Leaders

Eloise Raper, Fynn Greshon, Julian Roe and Lily Memrbishi


Culture and Globalisation Team Leaders

Eric Oh, Orlando Aguilera, Paige Little and Satsuki Watanabe


Korean Team Leaders

Yoseb Kim and Youna Hong


Māori Team Leaders

Calais Norman, Elle Williams and Luke Gillespie


Pasifica Team Leaders

Ben Bibbie and Charlie Hodge


Pastoral Team Leaders

Kenzie Longmuir, Connor Nguyen, Rui-Yi Ong and Will Schmidt


Service and Spirit Team Leaders

Juni Lee, Niki Begic, Ryan Thorley and Summer Bailey


Sports Team Leaders

Cruz Cassidy, Gabrielle Doyle, Ted Salmon and Zaara Sain

Congratulations to all of our Rangitoto College Student Leaders!

Mā mua ka kite a muri
Mā mura ka ora a mua
Those who lead give sight to those who follow
Those who follow give life to those who lead