Peer Support Programme

An opportunity for Year 13s to build new connections, to become an inspiring role model, and to build leadership skills with our new Year 9 students.

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Meeting times or event scheduled dates: Applications for Peer Support are advertised in the daily notices. Compulsory trainings are in Term 4 each year. The Peer Support Programme sessions officially begin on the Orientation Day/s at the start of each new school year, with Peer Support sessions running throughout Term 1.  They take an active role in Kotahitanga Day with the new Year 9 students each year.


Location: Leaders will run their Peer Support sessions with their allocated Year 9 tutor class in their Year 9’s tutor classrooms.

The Peer Support Programme in the College helps to develop a sense of whānau and whakawhaungatanga – it connects students and staff in a supporting, caring way. This in turn helps foster a sense of belonging which generates school spirit, pride, and culture.

Year 9 students have been supported and guided by their Peer Support Leaders.  During Kotahitanga Day the Year 9 students enjoyed solving problems, and having fun, through different mental and physical activities.  In the video below, our Peer Support Leaders share how they have accompanied the Year 9 students to build relationships and feel integrated in their first year at Rangitoto College.

Participation in this counts towards the service element of the Rangitoto Summit Diploma.

Peer Support gives senior students the opportunity for self-development and provides junior students with security and friendship to help them adapt successfully to college life.

As a Peer Support Leader, you will support and care for a specific Year 9 tutor class.  You are not expected to solve their problems or counsel them, but you can help the students by leading discussion groups and activities where they can learn to understand people around them a little better, develop the skills to get along with each other and make sound decisions about their lives.

The support that you give the members of your group is important – do not underestimate it.  Knowing enough to support each student means that you will need to learn about them, help the group to become aware of the needs and feelings of others, and help them to develop a sense of responsibility for one another.

Through the skills and learning they gain as you work with them, the students will develop friendships and relationships, together with the confidence to look after themselves at school and develop their own individuality.

Benefits to you:

  • The chance to give something back to the school.
  • Leadership training and experience.
  • An addition for your CV. The Peer Support Programme is known all over the world.
  • The chance to make a positive difference to Year 9 students coming here next year.

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