Rangitoto Maths Competition Club

An opportunity for Rangitoto College students to improve their performance in maths competitions.

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Teacher(s) Involved:

Mr Victor Dai



Meeting times or event scheduled dates: Every Wednesday lunchtime


Location: M19

Come along and stimulate your enjoyment and enthusiasm for maths. This is an opportunity to develop flexible problem-solving skills and strategies, foster creativity and ingenuity, strength intuition and strengthen the foundation for future studies.

The Rangitoto Maths Competition Club is a club aimed at preparing students for different maths competitions, including, but not limited to, Otago Junior Maths Competition, Australian Maths Competition, and the New Zealand Maths Olympiad.  We hope to create a dynamic community where current junior students who benefitted from the training sessions come back in a few years’ time and start running the sessions for the new juniors.

We engage students by running lunchtime sessions twice a week: one for general maths competitions and one specialised for maths olympiads.  Also, we occasionally organise events in which students are able to use what they have learnt to practice, such as the Rangitoto Mathex, Northshore Mathex, and the Inter-School Maths Olympiad.

Rangitoto Summit Diploma

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