Ignite Christian Group

A supportive and diverse space for students to discuss their faith.

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Miss. Wong and Mrs Strydom

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Email address:

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Friday lunchtimes.



Ignite is a student-run group open to anyone who is exploring the Chrisitan faith, regardless of their beliefs or background.

Students engage in discussions, try to make sense of the challenges we all face, and look to find answers in the light of faith. With many different churches represented in the school community and a chance for students to take on leadership roles, Ignite Christian Group provides a space for students to practise fellowship and develop lasting friendships. By developing a sense of community and togetherness, Ignite hopes to bring together students from a range of backgrounds to support each other and the school as a whole.

It is a very friendly and welcoming environment where students can meet new people, socialise and share bible verses and prayers. During meetings, students are able to invest time into God, ask questions, share their own experiences and what they do to maintain the relationship with God. Additionally, students share their life stories and concerns, where everyone could help. 

All are welcome.

Rangitoto Summit Diploma

Students need to attend the club at least 5 times during the first and second term and contribute to making the Easter display in the Library to have this added onto their student profile.

“I really can feel the inclusiveness and the gratefulness of the people in this group. I keep coming to this club because no one is left out even when we are shy or don’t know each other before. We still have opportunities to speak, and everyone is welcome to join. I found out people are very kind and grateful for many things, and for me, it is very nice to see people always being nice and grateful. The thing I enjoyed is that we made bible verse posters together to share the idea of being grateful and faithful.”

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564 East Coast Road
Mairangi Bay
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