Learn how to code effectively in a wide range of informatics contests such as the NZ Informatics Competition.

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An opportunity to shine with your algorithms and programming skills to solve programming problems in a unique way.

Informatics has a long history intimately associated with computer science and communication of information.  Jobs that need coding are growing fast as our society is rapidly becoming digitalised, and knowing how to code will help vastly in the workforce.

Some programming competitions that are hosted yearly involve the NZIC (New Zealand Informatics Competition), NZOI (New Zealand Olympiad for Informatics), and the New Zealand Programming Contest.  If placed well, contestants will gain the chance to be invited to a summer camp where they learn new and more efficient techniques, as well as considered for a sport to represent New Zealand in the IOI (International Olympiad for Informatics).

In previous years, being chosen to represent the country meant being flown to the hosting country, where the team will visit local attractions as well as participate in many activities, with 2-3 competition days being set aside out of the 2 weeks.  Rangitoto College has some very talented coders, with two students in 2022 being chosen for the national team, as well as one being selected in 2021.

Participating in the club involves learning some of the techniques needed to succeed in these competitions as well as working on previous problems with like-minded individuals.

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