Japan Day

Japan Day offers students a leadership opportunity to successfully plan and execute an event with student funding. This allows students to understand how to run an event and also share their love for Japanese culture.

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Teacher(s) Involved:

Miss. Yuka Watanabe (Head of the Japanese Curriculum)

Meeting times or event scheduled dates:
See daily notices for schedule and dates.

Meeting 1: Lunch time in A8 in the first week of Term 1.  This meeting will discuss things such as how much money everyone will need to contribute and final roles for Japan Day to ensure all roles are filled.
Meeting 2: Mid-April to create detailed plan and allocation of the roles for Japan Day.

Location: A8

Events Scheduled: 9 and 10 May 2024, Term 2

Dive into the fascinating culture of Japan at Rangitoto's Japan Day!

Whether you are into Japanese culture, or just curious and have little knowledge on it but are keen to learn,  join us and spread the unique knowledge of the Japanese culture and language to students through ways such as traditional Japanese foods, snacks, traditional Japanese games, performances, and souvenirs.


Rangitoto Summit Diploma

Students must attend all the meetings, and participate fully on the days, including the set up before and after the events to have this added onto their student profile.

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