Our Tech Crew works behind the scenes to ensure professional presentations and performances for those on stage.

Any student at Rangitoto College is able to join the Lighting & Sound team, simply by expressing their interest at the Music Department at the start of Term 1. Known as The Tech Crew, this group of 20 or so students really are the unsung heroes of our school events, playing a critical role in the success of each.

There are times when the techies will get to use dry ice, smoke machines, the disco ball and other fun gadgets, but much of the time they will be following scripts, waiting for cues, taping the stage floor, painting the stage floor, winding up cables, plotting lights, videoing, and generally keeping things shipshape in the school auditorium. Tech Crew members will be assigned as technical assistants for their respective year level assemblies, and will work alongside professional lighting and sound mentors for full-scale technical events.

We aim to give students real-life learning experiences and we expect them to be as involved and committed as those performing on the stage. It takes a special type of person to be a “techie” – ideally this person is reliable and punctual with clear communication skills who is able to follow instructions, to take initiative when necessary, willing to do mundane tasks as well as exciting ones, someone who genuinely takes pride in a job well done and is happy to put others in the spotlight. Students on the Tech Crew should have an eye for detail, a sense of urgency and neatness, and be committed to presenting a polished and professional technical experience to the audience.