Ecorigami Club

Combining an appreciation for art and preservation of nature through sustainable model-making.

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Teacher(s) Involved:

Ms. Grace Love



Meeting times or event scheduled dates:

Wednesday/Thursday lunchtimes, by M block Portacoms


Location: C1

The Ecorigami Club meets weekly to test students' patience, persistence and precision with advanced and intriguing origami projects, whilst also encouraging paper recycling and reusing processes.

Each week club members teach and learn a diverse range of both decorative and utilitarian models.  In doing so, students can gain an appreciation of the ancient Japanese art form, origami.

More than that, the club collects used paper from various departments around the College, as a way to give paper a second chance and to raise awareness on alarming deforestation rates.

The club hosts monthly competitions and plans to start fundraising efforts to donate to WWF and other environmental charities.

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564 East Coast Road
Mairangi Bay
Auckland 0630
New Zealand