Textiles Club

Join our Textiles Club: where creativity unravels! Sew, design, compete, and craft your way to limitless imagination and stylish innovation.

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Mrs. Shannon Freestone



Meeting time or event scheduled dates: Come along to find events and opportunities that suit you.  See daily notices for days and times.


Location: L11

Dive into a world of fabric and thread where your imagination knows no bounds.

Whether you’re a seasoned sewing savant or just dipping your toes into the colourful realm of textiles, our club offers something for everyone. Join us in designing, stitching, and crafting your way to mastery, whether it’s competing in thrilling nationwide competitions or honing your skills in collaborative crafting sessions. Plus, for all you cosplayers out there, get ready to bring your favourite characters to life with our special cosplay creation opportunities. Come be part of our vibrant community where every stitch tells a story and every design sparks inspiration!

Rangitoto Summit Diploma

You need to attend at least 5 sessions and complete at last 1 product to count towards your Rangitoto Summit Diploma.

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