Rangitoto College has a well-earned reputation for staging outstanding musical theatre productions.

Our (now) bi-annual full-scale musical production requires total immersion and commitment from everyone involved, capturing the spirit of the Performing Arts department by fostering co-operation between staff and students across multiple learning areas of the school and creating moments of pure magic on stage.

Staff aim to encourage, acknowledge, and mentor students involved in every aspect of the show, regardless of whether they are on stage, backstage, in the orchestra pit, in the lighting booth, calling cues, making props, painting set pieces, sewing costumes, or applying make-up.

Musical Theatre is a focus of our Junior curriculum. Students coming into Year 9 are able to select the Year 9 Performing Arts Core Music class at the time of enrolment via the Music Survey in the online enrolment form. At Year 10 level, students who select Performing Arts as a subject will usually be involved in a small-scale musical production towards the end of Term 4.