Supporting and challenging our junior students

The Rangitoto Summit Diploma is aimed at supporting and challenging our Year 9 and 10 students. There are three levels of achievement within the diploma:

  • White: first level
  • Red: second level
  • Blue: highest level

Students must attain five of the six diploma categories to be awarded each level. The categories are:

  1. Academic achievement: gaining excellence grades in tests, assessments and exams.
  2. Academic progress: improving academic performance through academic growth.
  3. Extra-curricular activities such as clubs and activities or sports: being involved in activities outside the classroom.
  4. Service or leadership opportunities: giving back to the school and community.
  5. Attendance: having high attendance rates to support learning.
  6. Behaviour: behaviour that supports academic engagement and success.

See the infographic below for a visual representation of the Rangitoto Summit Diploma.

Growing well-rounded, successful students in the junior school

The desired outcomes for Rangitoto College students are:

  1. To embed the school values to create a pathway that fosters academic and personal excellence so students ‘can make a positive difference in the world’. 
  2. To ensure junior students focus on academic excellence and academic improvement, across all subject areas, to create a foundation of knowledge for future success.
  3. To increase junior students’ involvement outside of the classroom, with leadership and co-curricular activities, to develop personal skills and pride.
  4. To increase junior student’s awareness and involvement in service activities, both in and out of school, to develop a community-centric viewpoint.
  5. To support the behaviour curriculum to ensure a student’s behaviour aligns with the school values to provide a learning environment that is conducive to student success.