Rangitoto College is proud to have once again seen our students gain over 200 Scholarship exam passes in the 2023 NZQA Exams.

The NZQA Scholarship exams take place at the end of the year. Preparation programmes begin in Terms 1 and 2 and involve extra sessions, often outside of timetabled class time, to prepare students for the exams. The college runs breakfast sessions with guest speakers during the year as a way of offering students some insight into what it takes to be academically successful and develop an academic mindset.

2023 Cohort Results

Our students gained some outstanding results in the 2023 NZQA Scholarship exams and portfolio submissions which we highlight below:

  • 466 students across years 10 -13 entered 966 Scholarship exams. Our students gained 203 Scholarship passes across 125 students, with 12 at the outstanding level. 
  • In Year 10, Gwang Ho Kim and Jaylen Ling gained Calculus passes, an exceptional achievement for these two students.
  • Seven Year 11 students, and 39 Year 12 students gained passes, with 77 students in Year 13 gaining 136 passes.
  • Five students gained NZQA Outstanding Scholars awards for results that place them within the top 50 students in the country; John Cai and Lianne Kim in Year 12 and Kevin Huang, Feifei Sun and Johnathon Sun in Year 13.
  • Sebastian Camus gained the top mark in the country for the Spanish exam and will be heading to Wellington to receive his award at Parliament in May. 
  • Jonathan Sun our Year 13 Dux gained a total of 10 scholarships and is now heading off to Cambridge University after receiving an unconditional offer from them. 

We are very proud of all of our students who participated in the Scholarship exams and look forward to once again running a 2024 programme that enables our students to achieve at the highest level.

2023 Outstanding Scholar Award Winners

Rangitoto College has five Outstanding Scholar Award Winners.
This is an accolade gained by only 40-60 students nationwide. Students receive $5,000 each year for three years as long as they maintain at least a “B” grade average in tertiary studies.  The criteria for the Outstanding Scholar Awards is a minimum of three Scholarships with two at “Outstanding” level, or at least five Scholarships with one at “Outstanding” level, or at least four Scholarships with one at “Outstanding” level and a top two performance in at least one subject.


  • John Cai (Year 12) – three scholarships (two outstanding)
  • Lianne Kim (Year 12) – six scholarships (two outstanding)
  • Kevin Huang – three Scholarships (two outstanding)
  • Feifei Sun – five scholarships (one outstanding)
  • Jonathon Sun – ten Scholarships (one outstanding)

2023 Top Subject Scholarship Award Winners in NZ

One student who was awarded a Top Subject Scholarship Award in 2023: 

  • Sebastian Camus  (Spanish)

“Top in Subject” refers to a student who has scored higher than all other students across New Zealand in their chosen Scholarship subject.  This is an incredible achievement – only 36 students in New Zealand attained this award across various subjects.

2023 Scholarship Exam Passes

These exams are designed to be one step above the curriculum for NCEA Level 3 and are awarded to only three per cent of the country’s Level 3 students. Students who gain an Outstanding grade in Scholarship represent only 0.3 per cent of students. 


10 Scholarships

Jonathon Sun


7 Scholarships

Phoebe Zhang


6 Scholarships

Lianne Kim (Year 12)


5 Scholarships

Liam Senior

Feifei Sun


4 Scholarships

Luke Bartram

Allen Li (Year 12)


3 Scholarships

Kevin Huang

John Cai

Olesya Korchagina

Raymond Huang

Andrew Li

Zoe Reynolds

Daniel Leece

Amanda Li

Esther Liu

Jonathan Siah


Year 10 Scholarship Achievement

Congratulations to Gwang Ho Kim and Jaylen Ling for both gaining a Calculus Scholarship.

Congratulations to Cameron Senior for his outstanding achievement in receiving a Premier Award for the second year in a row ($30,000 for tertiary study). Gaining ten Scholarship passes with seven at outstanding is an unbelievable feat. To top that off, Cameron was also top in the country for Statistics, Geography and Art History.
Ashley Huddart gained an outstanding scholar award as well as top in the country for Health and Physical Education. This puts her within the top 60 academic achievers in New Zealand; and she is only in Year 12! Congratulations Ashley.
- Grahame Cope, Deputy Principal