Performing Arts is about expressing humanity in its most direct form.

We aim to provide a platform on which relevant, real-life learning can occur in Music, Dance, and Drama – interweaving curriculum and co-curricular areas to make Performing Arts an integral part of school culture.

Performing Arts is divided into three main academic subjects – Music, Dance, and Drama.

Music offers a wide variety of academic and practical skills across all year levels. Year 9 Core Music offers students a chance to specialise in Rock, Chamber, Guitar, Keyboard, Big Band, Symphonic Band, Performing Arts and Voice classes, as well as choosing Music as one of their Option Subjects. In Years 10 to 13, students can follow either the Contemporary Music or the Music Performance course. 

Our diverse Music Tuition Programme gives students the opportunity to take instrumental, vocal or music technology lessons during school time from our team of expert itinerant tutors. 

Dance uses kinaesthetic learning and physical activity to explore artistic concepts. It is predominantly a practical subject with hands-on learning, but also incorporates relevant theoretical information. Students will learn a range of styles including Jazz, Hip Hop, Social Dance, Musical Theatre, Cultural and Contemporary Dance, as well as how to choreograph and collaborate on group and solo works.

Drama combines the practical skills of performing with the learning of dramaturgical concepts in a range of contexts within a highly collaborative environment. From Year 9 to Year 13, students will explore a range of drama/theatre forms including mime/movement, improvisation, devising and scripted work. In senior classes, there is additional focus on technical aspects such as lighting, costume and set design. The self-confidence and communication skills developed in Drama will carry over into other subjects, allowing students to perform more strongly in presentation style tasks.

Music has been a huge highlight in my years at the college so far. We are incredibly lucky to have such inspiring and passionate music teachers who lead and support all musical groups. Through our school’s music program, I took the opportunity to be part of many different combos/orchestras, playing in various genres of music, and meeting some of my best friends along the way. I have made some brilliant memories and have had a lot of fun learning skills from my amazing teachers and peers so I can carry on doing what I love in the future.
- Maddi Phillips, Year 11

Markus Fritsch

Magister Artium (Master of Arts) Degree in Music, Literature and Political Science from Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum (Germany) Diploma of Teaching from Auckland College of Education

Since moving to New Zealand in 1996, I taught in several schools before settling at Rangitoto College in 2007. As a practicing saxophonist, I have played in the Auckland Symphony Orchestra, The Manukau Symphony Orchestra, The Prohibition Big Band, The Jazz Experience Big Band, and have been a member of the renowned Auckland Saxophone Quartet for the last 12 years.