In Health and Physical Education, students will develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and motivation to make informed decisions. They will also explore how they can act and think in ways that contribute to their personal well-being, the well being of other people and that of society.

At Rangitoto College, pupils have the opportunity to learn and understand about the fundamentals and skills of a variety of physical activities during Physical Education. This is strongly linked in the senior school with the theoretical aspect of this subject. In our junior program, students experience a variety of activities and a variety of facilities.

In Health, we aim to create a safe environment where students will learn new skills and develop positive relationships. Students are encouraged to understand and acknowledge the attitudes and values of themselves, others, and society. We aim to develop and nurture the mental health of our students so that they can make positive life choices. We aim to empower students to explore their personal identities and enhance their self-esteem. We learn that challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

 We have a range of subjects with a strong flow through to Year 13 that are full credit options.

Junior Health and Physical Education is a compulsory subject. This leads to a variety of options in the senior school.

  • Physical Education: Year 11 – Year 12 – Year 13.
  • Sports Science (extension option): Year 11 – Year 12- Year 13.
  • Health: Year 11 – Year 12 – Year 13.

All subjects lead to Scholarship, which is one of the top academic awards in the country. For the past two years, we have been one of the top-performing schools in this curriculum area.

I am passionate about Health as it is not only my favourite subject, but it teaches me a lot about myself, my peers and the people around me. Health offers me skills to use for further education inside and outside of the school, and has helped me develop a mindset that is more empathetic and confident.
- Shivani Kershaw, Year 12 student

Graham Lowe

Bachelor of Education from Massey University Diploma in Teaching

Teaching is about people and in my role that includes both adults and students. Working with a variety of people in different situations is both positive and stimulating. At Rangitoto College, pupils and staff work as a team with a common goal and purpose. The amount that is achieved at any one time at this school is always impressive and, just as importantly, we are always attempting to do better.