New students are given a thorough orientation programme to help them understand the school and settle into their new country. We understand that making friends and feeling like part of the school community is extremely important for our international students. During Orientation and throughout the year, domestic students and international students have the chance to get to know each other. Events such as BBQs and parties are organised to help international and domestic students mingle. We also encourage students to join sports, music and cultural activities to help them meet new people and get to know other students.

Before Arriving in New Zealand

Students will be sent details about their host family and may choose to email them before arriving in New Zealand. Students will also be given detailed Pre-Departure Information, which helps students understand what to expect in New Zealand.

Arrival in New Zealand

We recommend arriving in New Zealand about three days before school starts so there’s time to unpack, get over jet lag and get to know the local area.

When students first arrive in New Zealand, our Accommodation Co-ordinator arranges for them to be met at the airport and taken to their homestay. When you arrive at Auckland International Airport, turn LEFT as you come out of the customs area. Someone will have a sign with your name in English (they will be waiting for you near the currency exchange booth).


Most of our new international students start in Term 1 or Term 3 so we have a two day orientation programme at these times. Students who do not arrive at the start of Term 1 or 3 will also be given an orientation, but it will be shorter because there will be fewer students starting at the same time.

Information about orientation is always sent to host families so that students know what to do, where to go and what to bring on their first days of school. Term 1 and 3 orientation includes:

  • Full introduction of staff who work with international students
  • Traditional Maori welcome (powhiri) with morning tea
  • ESOL (English) test to determine placement
  • Information about the school (sports teams, library, music groups, uniforms, school rules…)
  • Information about living in New Zealand
  • Information about travel opportunities around New Zealand
  • Advice on how to make the most of their experience at school and in their homestay
  • Timetable checking to make sure students all have the right classes
  • A tour of the school with domestic students
  • Activities with domestic students


Students in Years 9-12 are required to wear a uniform. Students in Year 13 are not required to wear a uniform but must wear suitable clothing for school. Student studying for only one term can borrow a uniform from the school. Students staying longer than one term must buy a uniform.

New international students do not have to wear the uniform on their first day of school to give them time to organise the uniform after arriving in New Zealand. Host families will help students organise their uniform, which they can either buy new or second-hand. New uniforms can be purchased from the Uniform Office and Second-hand uniforms can be bought from the Second-hand Uniform Shop at school (open every Friday at lunchtime).



Rangitoto College hosts an online environment for its students and their parents known as RangiNet. Through RangiNet, students and parents are able to access the school calendar, the daily notices, student subject lists and other useful information. Departments have Course Outlines and Assessment Schedules available for students to access and individual teachers can use RangiNet to provide resources to their students. Parents can have request access to RangiNet by emailing the international office.

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