International students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. This is a requirement under The Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students and a requirement from Immigration New Zealand for granting a student visa.

Insurance organised by Rangitoto College

It is easiest for students to get insurance through the College because we can help them make any necessary claims. It is possible for students to organise their own insurance in their own country but we recommend checking with us before paying for it. Insurance must meet strict requirements. More information about requirements is found on page four of our Enrolment Policy on the Apply To Study page.

Southern Cross and Unicare are the two companies we use and it costs $635+ per year. We choose the best option for each student depending on the study period (Southern Cross is cheaper for longer periods of time but Unicare allows you to book shorter periods).

Pre-existing conditions are not automatically covered. If required, students must complete a medical assessment after receiving their policy document.

Insurance offered through other providers

If international students wish to purchase their own insurance elsewhere, the College needs to be provided with a copy of the insurance certificate and policy wordings (in English) so we may determine whether the insurance provides sufficient cover for the student’s medical, travel and potential repatriation needs.

If, prior to enrolment, it is decided that a student does not have adequate insurance, the student will be required to take out additional cover to meet the standards set down by Rangitoto College, the New Zealand Government and Immigration New Zealand.

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