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IMPORTANT NOTE : Places are limited for Enrolments for 2017

Rangitoto College is committed to providing a world-class educational experience and has been hosting international students for over 15 years. We currently have students from over 25 different countries and are now accepting applications for 2017.


Enrolment Information

New Zealand Academic Calendar 

The New Zealand Academic year runs from February to December and is divided into four terms of around ten weeks each. Between each term there is a two week holiday, which is a great time for international students to travel around New Zealand. Classes at Rangitoto College are from Monday to Friday from 8:45am until 3:15pm. Students may participate in sports and other co-curricular activities at lunchtime, after school or at weekends. 

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Study Period

Many students have academic goals and plan to enter university directly after graduating from Rangitoto College. Other international students come to Rangitoto College for three months, six months or a year, keen to experience a different lifestyle, improve their English and make new friends.

Year Levels

New Zealand children start primary school when they are five years old and attend secondary school until they are 17 or 18 years old. Rangitoto College has five year levels:

  • Year 9                      13/14 years old
  • Year 10                    14/15 years old
  • Year 11                    15/16 years old
  • Year 12                    16/17 years old
  • Year 13                    17/18 years old

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Bring Your Own Device 

Rangitoto College has a Bring Your Own Device system, where students need a laptop to be able to do some of the classwork and submit some of the homework.  It is important for international students to be able to complete the school work and participate effectively in group projects so it is important to understand this requirement. 

  • In 2016, Year 9, 10 and 11 students need a laptop.
  • In 2017, Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students need a laptop.


Questions about studying at Rangitoto or living in New Zealand?

We know that moving to a different country and choosing a new school are big decisions and we're here to help with any questions you have! 

Just send us an email and ask.

We work with education agents all over the world. If you want to talk to someone in your own language, just tell us where you are and what language you speak, and we will forward your enquiry to someone who can help you.

Ask an agent to contact you.


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Apply online now or download the enrolment form, fill it in and send it back to us by fax +64 (9) 477 4866 or email.

To apply to study at Rangitoto College, you need to submit:

  • A completed enrolment form (either online or by email / fax)
  • A copy of the student’s passport (either uploaded online or by email / fax)
  • A copy of the student’s academic record (either uploaded online or by email / fax)


Enrolment Information

Enrolment Information

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