Personal Property

Students are responsible for their personal property.  

It is encouraged to have all personal items clearly named to support the college in returning these items to students.  Please ensure that if you have purchased second hand items that the correct name is now clearly visible.  Items frequently not named include:

  • hop cards
  • phones
  • earbuds
  • school jackets
  • PE bags

Process of return

  • Clearly named items handed into lost property are returned to the student as soon as possible.  
  • Unnamed items are held in the Student Office for approximately two weeks.  Any unclaimed uniform items without a legible name will be added to the supply of uniforms used to lend to students who are temporarily without the correct item. If overstocked, a small supply of unnamed items is made available for students who have lost an item. 
  • Valuable items e.g. jewellery, glasses, mobile phones, etc are held in a locked cupboard and advertised on the school notices.  If they remain uncollected at the end of the school year, these items are given to charity. Students should visit the Student Office to enquire about any item they have lost.  

Parents are welcome to phone the Student Office on 477 0150 ext 621 to check with Mrs. Hastie if any item has been handed in.