Rangitoto College works with a number of excellent tour companies who are specialists in taking high school groups on supervised tours around New Zealand.

Permission for Travel

Trips range in price from $220.00 for a weekend trip to Rotorua to $2,000.00 for a full South Island trip for 15 days. Our international staff can discuss travel options with students when they are in New Zealand and help them make the most of their New Zealand experience.

Parents are welcome to visit their child while they are studying in New Zealand. The International Office can assist in any documentation required.

Safety is very important to us and it is a condition of the Code of Practice that international students are not allowed to travel independently or with a group of friends while they are studying in New Zealand. Students are only allowed to travel around New Zealand if they are with a tour company, with their host family, on a school trip, with their parents, or have special permission from the International Director at Rangitoto College.

Permission from the International Director

Any student who wishes to travel while in New Zealand must come to the international office before they travel and get permission.

Permission from parents

Parents must give written permission before their children are allowed to travel. This can be emailed to us or faxed to us on +64 (09) 477 4866

Rangitoto College Responsibility Waiver

Leave from School

Parents wishing to take their child out of school for any reason other than illness must write to the Principal, Mr Patrick Gale, in advance requesting his approval. He is the only person who has the authority to give a student approved leave from school and only approved leave can be taken into account when allowances need to be made for NCEA work. Emailed requests are not acceptable because NCEA requirements demand original parent signatures.