Most of our international students live with a host family while they are in New Zealand. It is also possible for students to stay with their parents if they are in New Zealand, or with a Designated Caregiver (usually an aunt or uncle).


The Ministry of Education’s Code of Practice states that international students at secondary school cannot live independently or in a boarding establishment. We highly recommend homestay accommodation as it gives our international students the opportunity to fully participate in New Zealand life and make the most of their New Zealand experience.

Designated Caregiver DCG

A Designated Caregiver is a person / family that the student’s parents have chosen to take care of their child while they are in New Zealand. The parents take full responsibility and accept the decisions made by their DCG about the day-to-day requirements of their child. Even though the parents have chosen this family, the College has a responsibility to check that the home is suitable for the student and if the caregiver will be verified as a Designated Caregiver.


Some parents accompany their children to New Zealand. If students are living with a parent, then the parent has full responsibility for the pastoral care of the student outside tuition hours.


Our Accommodation Co-ordinator carefully interviews and chooses suitable host families who live nearby, sometimes within walking distance to the school, local shops and beautiful beaches. The surrounding suburbs are clean, spacious and safe, and the houses are large and modern.

Host families treat students like their own children, supporting and caring for them while they are in New Zealand. Homestay is an amazing part of the New Zealand experience and students frequently stay in touch with their host family for the rest of their lives.

Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is provided by homestay families. New Zealanders typically eat British food, however, most people like eating a wide variety of food. Many rural areas of New Zealand are dedicated to farming so we have access to good quality meat and fresh fruit and vegetables.

When students fill out the application form, they must write a letter to their future host family. Our Accommodation Co-ordinator reads the letter and matches students with a suitable family and passes on the letter. Details about the family are sent to the student before they arrive in New Zealand and we recommend students contact the host family before coming to New Zealand so they can start getting to know each other.

Become A Homestay

If you and your family are considering becoming a host family, please contact our Accommodation Manager for more details.