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Students love New Zealand because of the natural beauty, friendly people and excellent education system. New Zealand provides amazing places to relax and an abundance of adventure sports like bungy jumping, zorbing, white water rafting and skydiving.

New Zealand is usually ranked in the top two or three safest countries in the world due to the low crime rate and absence of dangerous animals. The cost of living in New Zealand is lower than in Australia, England, Canada or the USA, and visitors always comment on the fresh air, clean water and large amount of open space.

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Rangitoto College is located in Auckland, which is New Zealand’s largest city. It is a modern city with skyscrapers, excellent shopping and a fantastic selection of cafés and restaurants. Rangitoto College is in Mairangi Bay on the North Shore, approximately 20 minutes from the central city by car. The North Shore is a busy and growing area which has many beautiful beaches and open spaces for students to enjoy.

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New Zealand People

With a population of only 4.4 million people, New Zealand is a small country with a big heart. New Zealanders (or 'Kiwis') have a reputation for being friendly so don’t be surprised if complete strangers say hello to you when they’re walking along the beach. New Zealanders love to travel and many of them have lived overseas, which means they have a deep understanding of other cultures and are very welcoming to foreign students.

New Zealanders work hard but they also love spending quality time with friends and family and getting outdoors. Beach barbecues are very common and some families even celebrate Christmas at the beach. International students usually stay with a homestay family so they have the opportunity to really experience the ‘Kiwi’ lifestyle.

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