Welcome to Rangitoto

Rangitoto College is well-known nationally and internationally for providing an excellent learning environment and preparing students for future success. International students come to Rangitoto College from over 25 different countries and make up around 8% of our student population. 

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New Zealand Schools' Story

New Zealand provides a safe, friendly environment for international students from all over the world to pursue their academic goals.  Parents know that New Zealand gives their children opportunities they would not have had at home and the chance to develop passions in a supportive environment. 

Welcome from the International Department

Lynda Sullivan, Director of International Students

"Over the years I have seen many students come to New Zealand with different goals and it has been my pleasure to be involved and support them through their journey.

Many of our international students attend Rangitoto College to study our high school programme to gain entry onto tertiary study through either the NCEA or IB pathways.  Rangitoto College provides an excellent academic environment for them to be successful in their chosen academic pathway. It is pleasing to see our students gaining entry into some of the top universities in the world following their education at Rangitoto. 

Some students come to New Zealand for only a short time with different goals – to learn, grow, travel and experience a new culture. These students often choose different subjects like Dance, Construction or Photography and enjoy participating in a range of sports and activities. We work closely with some carefully chosen tour companies and help our students find the right trips for their weekends and holidays so they happy an opportunity to see as much of New Zealand as they can.

Living overseas gives our students a much wider world view and often helps them decide what they really want out of life. The international team here is proud to be part of their experience in New Zealand and work hard to make it the best it can be.

I would like to welcome you to come and experience life in New Zealand while continuing to study towards your long term academic goals.”

Academic Courses

From 2016 we offer both the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) and the International Baccalaureate (IB). It takes a minimum of two years to gain either qualification. 

NZQA at Rangitoto        Studying at Rangitoto College

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Student Stories

Our international students all have different reasons for choosing New Zealand and when they leave they have some amazing stories to tell. Here are some of the things they say about their experiences at Rangitoto College, living on the North Shore of Auckland, and travelling around New Zealand.

Grace Guo - China

I have been a student at Rangitoto College since year 9, so I can confidently say this is a place that offers me a better education and provides me with a variety of future choices. Starting from year 12, I am also a member of our awesome IB crew. This makes my life more substantial as one of the core of IB requirements—CAS, pushes me to step out of my comfort zone. The IB is a rigorous course which is well-known worldwide. More importantly, because of the relatively small number of IB students in my year group, everyone gets to know each other quite well, and this is a huge difference compared with normal classes. Overall, studying the IB at Rangitoto College has been very rewarding. I feel I am becoming more of an all-rounder due to the broad academic programme the IB offers.


我从9年级开始就进入了Rangitoto College学习,所以我可以毫不犹豫的说是这所学校给予了我许多不同的未来道路的选择。从12年级开始,我选择了这所高中试运行的IB而非常规的NCEA因为我觉得IB可以使我走出自己的小圈子,去尝试以前我所从未尝试过的事情。虽然目前仍任重而道远,但是我相信吃得苦中苦,方为人上人。一分耕耘有时候并不一定能换来一分收获,但若是毫不努力,就更不可能学有所成。所以总而言之,学习IB使我成为了一个多元化发展的人。