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A place where we will empower each student, through unrivalled opportunities, exceptional support and challenging academic experiences to make a positive difference in the world.

Great opportunities, great students.

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Our Difference

A world-class educational experience

The essence of this school is that it puts great teachers together with great students.  It gives each the resources, facilities and freedom to get on with learning. It adapts the best of both traditional and modern teaching and assessment pedagogy. Results are constantly reviewed and targets set to bring improvement.


Scholarships “First” in New Zealand (4th year in a row)


IB Diploma Average Point score for Rangitoto College


Pass Rate for NCEA Level 1 & 2

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Fostering individual talent

Students are able to participate in an outstanding range of co-curricular activities. We benefit from truly world-class resources and facilities that offer a multitude of activities.

Performing Arts

A variety of performance opportunities at Rangitoto College

Performing Arts is about expressing humanity in its most direct form.

We aim to provide a platform on which relevant, real-life learning can occur in Music, Dance and Drama.


A wide range of sports at Rangitoto College

The college provides up to 30 different sports. Students are encouraged to participate in sport throughout their time at the college. With an extensive range of sports on offer and with a focus on long-term healthy lifestyle choices, students are pushed to unlock their potential and expand their talents.


Extra-curricular activities at Rangitoto College

In addition to our academic programme, Rangitoto College offers students the chance to join many clubs and groups outside of the classroom. Participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities including music, drama, dance, and cultural activities.


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