Last year saw some excellent Scholarship results in the Visual Arts. Students across three media at Level 3 (Painting, Photography, and Design) put the work in to submit stellar folios and accompanying Scholarship submissions. These are competitive levels of study and students are required to demonstrate an advanced depth of thinking for Scholarship in the Visual Arts, which involves students submitting eight A3 pages of research and reflection along with their three board folio.

A total of 10 students achieved Scholarship in the Visual Arts in 2023—six in Painting (with two Outstanding), two in Design, and two in Photography. Below are five top examples:

  • Halu Sugimoto in Painting, who achieved Outstanding with 24 out of 25 and explored loss of identity through distortion and abstraction.
  • Kathleen To, who looked at surrealism and consciousness.
  • Norah Huang who also attained Outstanding Scholarship with her board on feminism, culture, and identity.
  • Akane Shibata submitted a stunningly creative Photography board that connected to her own Japanese culture, and Akane also gained Scholarship in Painting. 
  • The character design-based Design board was completed by Yoxuan Chin who created an original graphic novel for young people, inspired by her love of dumplings.

Both Kathleen To and Akane Shibata were selected to have their work displayed in the Top Art exhibition, which tours the country this year. Congratulations to all Visual Arts Scholarship recipients.