Rangitoto College has once again received fantastic Scholarship results in the 2022 exams. 

These exams are designed to be one step above the NCEA exams and are awarded to only three per cent of the country’s Level 3 students. Students who gain an Outstanding in these exams represent only 0.3 per cent of the country’s cohort. Achieving an incredible result of 202 Scholarships with 20 at Outstanding, Rangitoto students have once again exceeded expectations after a difficult year.

Ashley Huddart (pictured) and Sara Yavari had continued success in the exams, both achieving Top Subject Scholarship Awards, meaning they achieved the highest possible grades in their exam in the country. Ashley achieved this for Statistics and Sara achieved this for Earth Space Science. These students built on their success from Year 12 where they gained more than four scholarships each. This year Ashley gained seven Scholarships and Sara gained six Scholarships.

Four of our students, Eliza Fergusson Dudding, Ashley Huddart, Jessica Wang, and Sara Yavari, gained an Outstanding Scholar Award which awards them $5,000 for three years while they study—this was only awarded to 51 students this year. Remarkably, of the 202 Scholarships awarded, 32 Year 12 students gained 40 Scholarships, nine Year 11 students gained 10 Scholarships and one Year 10 student, Leo Wang, gained a Scholarship in Calculus. 

In addition, Rangitoto College’s NCEA results continue to be exceptional. This is a reflection of our  knowledge-rich curriculum and students’ commitment to their studies. 

Level 1 achieved a 95 per cent pass rate with 82 per cent of students achieving a Merit or Excellence endorsement. There was further success at Level 2, with a 94 per cent pass rate and 74 per cent of students gaining endorsement at Merit or Excellence. Level 3 students achieved equally impressive results with a 94 per cent pass rate, 69 per cent achieving a Merit or Excellence endorsement, and a University Entrance rate of 87 per cent.

These results are a reflection of the dedication and hard work of our rangatahi and their kaiako. Rangitoto College is extremely proud and congratulates these students and all those involved in support. 

Seven Scholarships

  • Ashley Huddart 

Six Scholarships

  • Jessica Wang 
  • Rihoko Suzuki
  • Sara Yavari 

Five Scholarships

  • Eliza Ferguson-Dudding 
  • Jonathon Sun

Four Scholarships

  • Atiya Hossain
  • Zhinuo Huang
  • Justin Kim
  • Justin Park

Three Scholarships

  • Isaac Chan
  • Ming Ray Goy
  • Lucas Hebberd
  • Sun-Woong Kang
  • Christine Lin
  • Ella Lin
  • Hanna Lin
  • Ky Khon Quach
  • Jiyoon Yeam 
  • Tyler Young