The Rangitoto College Korean Committee and Chinese Committee have been privileged to carry out the Lunar Festival during Friday lunchtime of Week 1. These two newly established committees collaborated together to create a fantastic festival which allowed many students in the college to experience two different cultures. Student Leaders, Minwoo Kim and Siyeon Park from the Korean Committee, and Lucas Liu and Sitong Li from the Chinese Committee, along with others, worked very hard during the summer holidays to plan activities for the Lunar Festival to promote Korean and Chinese culture.

During the Lunar Festival, we had traditional foods, games, and performances to encourage students to get involved. Chinese calligraphy, the chopsticks game, the fan dance, and the lion dance were all a part of the Chinese Committee celebrations. Alongside this, students were introduced to two traditional Korean games, Ddakji and Jaegi chagi. Students also dressed up in colourful traditional clothes from their own cultures which are worn during the Lunar New Year. 

This was the second year that the Lunar Festival was held at Rangitoto College and it was extremely successful due to the hard work of the committee members. This extraordinary event not only raised cultural awareness for many students but also enhanced the cultural diversity in our school environment. Both committees are aiming to plan more events, such as Korean Night and Chinese Night, to encourage more students to get involved and better understand our culture. 

Regina Noh (Korean Committee) and Emily Chang (Chinese Committee), Teachers in Charge