The Textiles students at Rangitoto College worked hard this year for the annual Fashion Showcase. In 2022, we were finally able to produce a fashion show with a real live audience after a few years of lockdowns and restrictions. The return of our major sponsors, Federation and New World Browns Bay, made it a very professional event. Luxe Dream Events provided an amazing stage prop and a fancy glitter backdrop for our photo booth.

On Saturday 29th October, we invited friends and family, as well as special guests including Jenny and Ben from Federation, to come along and enjoy this spectacular display of fashion pieces created by each of the students throughout the year. This year, we were also lucky enough to involve extra student models from outside Textiles to help display all the awesome work.

All year levels were able to show their creations, starting with Year 9 Bauhaus-inspired hoodies, followed by Year 9 pepeha t-shirts. The students worked with stakeholders to develop the stakeholder’s pepeha into a print which also incorporated an image, which was then screen printed onto t-shirts. 

The Year 10s were told to unleash their creativity and design something that stands out in a fashion show. They also showcased their work from the wearable art unit, in which they designed pieces inspired by the theme ‘Incredible Kai’.

Our major sponsor Federation supplied us with outfits from their new season for the next section. 

Tailoring and pattern making was the focus for Year 11, with everyone starting with the same pants or hoodie pattern and ending up with very different creations.

Year 12 took sustainability in design to a new level, experimenting with different ways to reduce the impact the fashion industry has on the environment.

The Year 13 students were able to showcase costumes that were inspired by something personal to them, ranging from cosplay to a gown to wear as the soloist in a concert.