The 2022 Arts Awards evening was a lively and festive celebration, themed with orange and masks, and over 160 students were recognised for their service, contribution, and achievement in the extra-curricular arts at Rangitoto College. We sincerely thank these students for the character, colour, vibrancy, energy, and joy they bring to our school community, and to the incredibly generous and talented staff who facilitate and support our extra-curricular programmes.

Special congratulations to our top trophy winners:

Anna Haine & Jenny Hong – Best Contribution to Music

Jasmine Voss – Best Contribution to Drama

Hannah Finley – Best Contribution to Dance

Anna Haine & Amelia Ullrich – Zigliani Cup for Excellence in Performing Arts, and our 2022 Performing Artists of the Year!

You can view the full range of Arts Awards photos on our Facebook Page, and see the video of the whole event on our YouTube Channel.