Being a part of Drama Company this year has been an amazing opportunity. Meeting people from across year groups with similar interests and getting to work with insanely talented people is truly a gift I am extremely thankful for. Earlier this year (in Term Two), the company put on a Theatre Festival with a variety of performances ranging from Shakespearian to Greek and even Commedia dell’arte. We overcame Covid-19 challenges and had great fun entertaining everyone at, what I’d call, an extremely successful event. For our major production, recently we performed Macbeth with two casts—divided into junior and senior casts. It was exhilarating watching everything come together in the auditorium after a short six weeks of preparation and we all loved the special effects. Everyone pulled their weight and the result was a set of spectacularly eerie plays that I’m sure the audiences loved almost as much as we did. All in all, Drama Company has become more than just an after-school club. We’re a troupe of slightly over-the-top kids who are eternally grateful to Mrs Spencer-Bates and Mrs Hunt for doing their best to rein us in and help us put on amazing shows for all.

Damon Malhotra, Year 10