Rangitoto’s UN Youth group amplifies and advocates for youth voices, introducing and encouraging discussion on significant and pressing affairs happening around the world. 

In Term 2, over 80 students attended RangiMUN: Rangitoto College’s very own Model United Nations. Also known as MUN, this is a simulation of the United Nations General Assembly, allowing students to step into the shoes of ambassadors from UN member states. In these roles, students are known as delegates and debate current issues on the UN’s agenda, giving speeches, problem-solving, negotiating and coming to resolutions. 

At RangiMUN, our students debated on two important global issues. In the morning, delegates were split into four groups, where they discussed the question of the rising refugee crisis. In smaller committees, students were able to learn the procedures of a MUN, and how and when to speak, debate and negotiate with delegates from other countries. In the afternoon, delegates came together in a plenary session, where they debated the topic of climate change and technology. We were proud of how professional our students were, and a massive well done to those who took the risk of voicing their opinions.

We hope that RangiMUN was a fun and eye-opening experience and that students felt empowered to engage in critical thinking, public speaking and decision-making abilities. In the future, we hope these skills of cooperation and problem-solving aids in any of their attempts to make a positive change in the world. 

Sawooly Li, Year 13