By 2035, about 45% of new car sales could be electric. At this rate, about half of the cars on the road would be electric by 2050. The electric vehicle takeover is here and the EVolocity programme is here to bring secondary school students along for the ride.

EVolocity is a charitable organisation educating Kiwis on the environmental and economic benefits of EVs while growing youth interest in technology and engineering. They provide young people with a practical learning programme which stimulates and embraces innovation. It inspires them to pursue subjects and careers in STEM, developing the next generation of engineers, technology innovators and entrepreneurs to accelerate New Zealand’s transition to electric vehicles and clean transportation.

During the course of the year, students design and build their own electric vehicles. At the end of the year they bring their vehicles to a motorsport park for some fun competitions. This event also features demonstrations and test drives of electric bikes, go karts, motor bikes and cars, educating the public as to what is available and dispelling myths around the performance capabilities of EVs.

This year Rangitoto College has a team set to compete in the EVolocity challenge for next year’s race day. Featuring a team of seven highly skilled Year 11 students, led by two exceptionally qualified teachers, Steve Dymock and Ben Pollard, all coming together with their various skill sets and knowledge to create something truly special.

Students who have participated in the EVolocity challenge at other schools have commended the competition for teaching them a lot about electronics, metalworks, design, and more, to help them to grow not only as learners but also as people. Students have also credited the competition for the NCEA side of things as there are 14 credits up for grabs at NCEA Levels 1, 2, and 3 from a range of areas and assessment standards, allowing students to have the best shot at maximum credits for NCEA. 

The team (Zahin Bhuiyan, Cory Huddart, Rick Huang, Connor Nguyen, Tristan Dubery, Blake Simpson, and Hamza Dragh) is very excited to test their skills and knowledge in every way to make the best vehicle they can to rise to the top on a national level, and they look forward to sharing their journey.

Zahin Bhuiyan, Year 11