Academic Mentoring

Rangitoto College has academic mentoring programmes that run in the junior school as well as in Year 11. The Junior Emerging Scholar programme is currently being developed for a 2023 launch and will provide students identified in Years 9 and 10 with the opportunity to develop an academic mindset in preparation for NCEA Level 1 to 3. The Year 11 Emerging Scholars programme focuses on developing the potential in students to gain NCEA Levels 1-3 with Excellence as well as preparing them for Scholarship exams.

Emerging Scholars Programme

Students are selected and invited to be part of the Emerging Scholars programmes at the college. Academic achievement results, teacher recommendation and standardised testing results in Years 9 and 10 are used as part of the selection process. The key attribute we are looking for is student potential. These mentoring programmes provide a fantastic opportunity for students who may not always be reaching their potential to develop the skills and mindset attributes to flourish as they journey through Rangitoto College.